Your Eyes Are Your Best Password

DeltaID Iris Recognition

Your Eyes Are Your Best Password

DeltaID Iris Recognition

Delta ID ActiveIRIS TM Technology

Delta ID's ActiveIRIS Technology is world's first and only iris recognition technology ready for mass-market consumer devices - mobile phones, tablets, laptops.

ActiveIRIS combines Delta ID's advanced iris recognition software and simple, inexpensive reference hardware to provide world's best iris recognition - fast, easy, reliable, safe and secure - on a mobile device.

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Ready for Consumer Mobile Devices

Better Usability

ActiveIRIS makes iris recognition easy to use for consumers - it is fast, simple, reliable, safe and secure. Opens access to devices and services with just a look at the device

Higher Security

ActiveIRIS enabled iris recognition is orders of magnitude more secure compared to face, eye veins, voice, fingerprints - has lowest false acceptance rates and highest resistance to spoofing

Easy to Integrate

Simple & Easy to Integrate ActiveIRIS addresses typical iris recognition challenges in software. Unlike traditional solutions, uses simple and easy-to-integrate hardware

Designed for the Mobile Consumer

Fast & Reliable

ActiveIRIS is by far the fastest in the industry - it reliably identifies and authenticates the user, inside or outside, in matter of milliseconds

Easy to Use

Just a look is enough! Unlike traditional iris recognition solutions, ActiveIRIS does not require the user to stop, align and adjust

Safe & Secure

Intrinsic advantages of iris combined with ActiveIRIS offers a more safe and secure solution - orders of magnitude stronger than 4-digit PINs and fingerprints, face, retina

Just “Look to UnlockTM" Your Devices & Services

Your eyes are the best password to unlock your devices and open your world of - apps, services. The iris of each human eye is unique, cannot be easily spoofed, and is always available when required.

Delta ID ActiveIRISTM Technology enables strong and reliable authentication of the iris of the human eye. This enables a novel, more secure way to unlock your devices and access apps & services, without ever forgetting the password.

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